1. How comprehensive a panel of contractors do you have?

We have an array of contractors from all trades that we trust and engage with regularly. We are not in the market of replacing your current contractors unless we or you feel there is the need to do so. We audit contractor’s costs annually and compare them to market trends to stop complacency. If there are any areas you feel need revisiting in relation to contracts of engagement we would be more than happy to review them and act accordingly. We also have a very good report with refuse and insurance companies that we can agree reduced fees passing the saving onto you, this is owing to our long-standing working relationship you won’t get from other agencies.

2. Do you charge a fee for contractor selection and/or a percentage of their charges?

Categorically no. The only fee Revill Property Management charge is the annual fee for services as agreed in the contract of engagement and itemised postage and stationary costs. We pride ourselves on our transparency of bookkeeping practices. Our job is to help the OMC obtain the best service on the market and transfer the saving to you the client.

3. What selection criteria do you use for contractors on your panels?

Revill Property Management have a strict code of conduct in our appointment of contractors. We ensure we have an up to date copy of all contractor’s accreditations, insurance records and licences where required. Over the past 10 years we have successfully compiled a good panel of workers we can rely on at very competitive prices.

4. How often does a representative from your company visit blocks/estates you manage and check on how your contractors fulfil their obligations?

Revill Property Management have a strict in-house rule that fortnightly site visits are carried out to our developments. We keep a written report with photographs of each visit in the company file that can be inspected by any board member upon request. These reports can also be supplied with the monthly financial update via email to all directors if required. In the case of fire alarm, emergency lighting, pest control, lift inspections, cleaning and so forth we keep a comprehensive Health & Safety folder for each in the company files.

5. What IT software do you have and what information can you record and keep updated

We use a multitude of ways of recording financial information and correspondence. We use a software package called Intuit Business Accounting Pro to generate and keep a record of service charge invoices, record income and expenditure, issue statements of account and receipts of payment, provide monthly reconciliations of accounts and provision of general ledgers to the Auditor, tracking invoices received from contractors and dates of payments. We also use Microsoft Excel to generate our service charge spreadsheets as a backup to the software and we finally keep a hard copy of all payments in the designated owners file. This method has proven invaluable in the past as there are 3 points of reference for any method of payment. All correspondence from members and contractors is also stored in their designated file in both hard and soft copy format.

6. Are you registered under the Data Protection Act?

Set out in the terms and conditions of the management agreement Revill Property Management acting as the data processor is bound by the data protection act, whereby we act on behalf of the OMC which is the Data controller. Our computers are protected by safeguard office which also gives added comfort that all information stored on our system is protected by the best possible means.

7. Where and how do you keep service charge monies, and how are they administered and who receives any interest?

Revill Property Management insists that all monies collected on behalf of the OMC are paid directly into the OMC bank account and any interest is then directly accumulated by the OMC. In accordance with the annual budget requirements and the MUD Act we also insist that a designated sinking fund account or deposit account is in place in order to put savings aside for the future. Invoices for service charges display an itemised breakdown for each unit in accordance with the lease agreement and separate sinking fund apportion for that unit.

8. How do you deal with unpaid service charges

Revill Property Management deal with unpaid service charges case by case. From experience, sometimes it only takes a caring phone call to explain the member’s legal obligation to them and an agreed payment plan can be written up if they are in financial difficulty. RPM issue initial invoices in accordance with the lease agreement and where required, reminders are sent monthly for slow payers. Should the need arise ( usually at month 6) we will then issue a final letter with 14 day notice of intent to issue legal proceedings. We consult with the board and generate a debtors list that will be sent to the company solicitor. In extreme cases where we have no response from the debtor we will file for a judgement and obtain an instalment order. If there is still no payment forthcoming we can avail of the sherrifs office. All cost associated are billed in accordance with the lease agreement.

9.How do you deal with owners or their tenants in breach of their leases?

The OMC has rules and regulations set out in the Memo & Arts of the company or House Rules for short which every member has agreed to be bound by. Revill Property Management will enforce the House Rules where breaches occur to the full extent of the legal capability of the OMC when required. There are methods such as fines, parking restrictions, reporting to the PRTB, Gardai and so forth that can be dealt with case by case.

10. How do you deal with complaints?

Revill Property Management record all complaints in a log no matter how big or small and ensures that recognition of a complaints is issued promptly. All staff are aware that complaints are a priority item for our operation, and anyone who deals with them must have sufficient authority to resolve them completely.

11. Do you offer an out-of-office-hours service for emergencies? If so, please provide details.

Yes. As part of our annual contract of service we include an out of hour emergency service for no extra cost. Emergencies are classed as a communal area door failure, fire, flood, break-in, a leak from the roof or into an apartment etc. Further details are supplied on our website and we insist notification of same is erected in the common areas.